DataSlave 2.0

Import, validate and transform data

Very good
Added further database support


  • Added further database support

DataSlave is a powerful tool for moving data and supports many common data formats and will quickly and simply move, validate and clean your valuable data. This difficult task is now available to users without the need for any programming skills.

Validation is as simple as picking the rule and dragging the data field you want to test onto the rule. What could be simpler? There are more than 80 checks including many national postal codes, telephone numbers, US SSN, UK NI number, ISBN numbers and many more. Map the data fields onto your marketing or customer database, modify as necessary and the job is done. For example addresses and names can be split or joined with simple to use transformation functions.


  • Clean up your data and improve the quality of your marketing
  • Quickly import lists for new marketing campaigns
  • Check your customer services database. Save time and money
  • Carry out data cleansing tasks without the need to hire expert staff
  • Save your time to carry out key business tasks
  • Avoid the cost and inaccuracies of re-keying business data

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DataSlave 2.0

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